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Virgin HealthMiles GoZone Pedometer

by alaskanmimi

The memory in my GoZone got full.
The instructions say to simply plug it in and it should download my recent steps and clear the memory, but that is not happening....... :(
Samsung Galaxy S5

by JonKempAto

What is going on with Sprint Galaxy S5 no LTE
Dear Engadget....The Galaxy S5 was released to great fanfare but there is a problem brewing with Sprint Customers. Because of the Tri-Band antenna and lack of support for this new Spark network, those of use that had a Galaxy s3 with fantastic LTE coverage are no longer getting any LTE coverage on the Galaxy S5. Can you look into the matter to see what is going on? Here is a discussion so far with a list of cities that are having this issue.
Samsung UD590

by msuding

I wonder what the refresh rate is?
The Dell P2815Q $700 for gets criticism for a relatively low 30Hz.
Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (mid 2013)

by synchronisys

synchronisys reviews
Synchronisys (as per reviews) by Manish Sangal of conceptsit is the innovative man behind the scene causing success of Xceltech.