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HTC One (M7)

by ramosamayo

how do I turn on my LTE? Why isn't it on to begin with?
I already went into the settings and selected the LTE/CDMA but it doesn't say LTE on the top of my phone screen. Yes I have the SIM card in the phone but now I don't know what to do I've had the phone for a while now but what I thought was LTE was actually the NFC symbol. I don't know what I should do now I would greatly appreciate someone's help. Thank you (I have the Sprint version)
iHome iDL48

by delaney

how do i get this damm thing to work?
I have charged it over night, every time i plug it in it lights up a different color like green blue or red, for different ways of listening to my device, i have the ihome apps although nothing happens when I dock the ipod
Cyber Gadget Famulator

by dragosm

Are you accepting products and give product reviews ?
My name is Dragos and I was wondering if you accept products and give reviews for them ?
Thank you