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BlackBerry Passport

by JeffWing

Pebble watch?
I know that it can run some android apps. Is there any compatibility with the Pebble?
HP Stream 14

by Adimantium4

OS Restrictions
I know this is supposedly a Chromebook fighter. Are there any restrictions? Can you load and install any .exe program just like on a regular Windows machine? Or is it a Windows mobile UX?
I just can't believe that, with only 2G of RAM that it could handle running Chrome, iTunes, and say, Microsoft Office at the same time so I assume there are restrictions... app-only, mobile environment, etc.
HP Stream 14

by Adimantium4

Performance question
How does it perform with only 2G of RAM onboard? Sounds like it'd be a slow... slow.... device.
LG LB6500

by sayantan05cts

lb6500 question
Hi, I'm planning to buy a 47lb6500. How is it different than its previous version lb6200? And is it a good choice in this price range? I need smart and 3d in my tv. Please help. Thanks Sayantan
SteelSeries H Wireless

by afocavage

How is the connection with Xbox One? Is it able to connect? if so, is the mix amp the only component that plugs in? Is optic the best audio relay?
I know the product specifies a few consoles that it can be successfully used with, are the H Wireless compatible with Xbox One?
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

by Puremind

Is it true that the iPhone 6 Plus has bezel size as thick as 2011 phablets? I want a phablet (i.e. 1 handed operation)
I read that bezel size is supposedly the most critical factor for usability in the phablet segment and if Apple iPhone is really doing that poorly, why do we think that Apple couldn't keep up with other manufacturers? I read that even low cost chinese 5.5 inch smartphones have thinner bezels and I wonder why Apple wouldn't do as well as low cost brands since their CEO said that they studied the market several years before they felt even able to release a phablet. It wouldn't make sense to me if... Read more →