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Bose AE2

by Traveller

Is the version with a microphone compatible for pc use?
I am currently getting into better sound quality. I currently have a very good computer build and finally got a higher end display for a reasonable sale. I have great picture, amazing quality keyboards, and some decent speakers for the pc. I am not saying that everything has to be a premium product but I feel like when it comes to technology usually the more premium products have the better quality and construction. Now, I currently am using a 2.0 Creative labs T20's system which for the price... Read more →
Garmin Vivofit

by jfelso99

does it measure stairs like the fitbit one?
I tried several other monitors, the one the really seems to work, is my smart phone LOL, but I can’t take my Note 3 with me everywhere I go. I tried the “up24”... horrible I have to say. The Gear Fit from Samsung... Didn’t work half the time. Now I am with the fitbit one... It is doing a swell job, no complaints about accuracy except I would like this feature in a band version and I do not care what it cost... well within moderation of course. I was wondering does the Vivofit have the... Read more →
Samsung Galaxy S5

by AkitasNKayaks

Has the availability of the Sprint version Galaxy S5 32GB been verified/announced?
Under the SPECS for the Galaxy S5 here on engadget, there is a 32GB version listed under Sprint (as well as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and unlocked 32GB versions). However, the Sprint website (nor anywhere else on the web that I've found) has yet to announce the 32GB version. Is this wishful thinking or do you have facts to back that up?

Hoping you've got inside info!
Apple Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

by deseret

Looking for brushed metal desktop for Mac OS X Lion (10.7.5)
I had Lion previously and loved the brushed metal desktop it came with, but recently had my mac mini erased and reinstalled at the apple store... they inadvertently installed snow leopard, but I managed to download Lion again, but this time my lovely brushed metal desktop is gone! Please help, thanks. :)