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LG Tone + (HBS-730)

by DanielGlz

Has anybody else noticed that the volume is too loud with Apple devices?
I tried it with an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5S and an iPad 4 (iOS 7.1.2), all with the same result: volume is too loud even with the volume control set to the lowest level on both the handset and headset.
Pressy Android Button

by bayridge

Only thing it does is turn flashlight and I can't turn it off. Have to power off to shut stupid light.
Save your money on this piece of garbage. These guys are crooks. It doesn't work. Just look at other reviews. There are something like 3 times as many negatives as there are positives and I'm sure most of the positives are by them ot their friends cause it's junk.
LG G Pro 2 (G2 Pro)

by rohitbhansali92

Battery Life
Need a User review of the Battery Life. Specifically the Screen On time WiFi.(Bluetooth Off) And with (3G/4G with Bluetooth on) Heard something about Text Reflow being absent.True ? How much of Browsing time can I squeeze out of this guy .
ASUS Zenfone 5

by mickeycrash

How About the two SIM Card?
I like to know if the SIM Cards works good at the same time...???