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Microsoft Windows 8.1

by joeG0

April 13th 2015 11:34 pm

Which Windows laptop has the best screen for photo editing?
I love the screens on MacBooks and MacBookPros, but I find Apple products above my price range in terms of processing power per dollar (OSX always seems surprisingly slow to me, unless you spend closer to the $2000 mark). I am wondering what the options are for Windows laptops with accurate contrast and colours for editing pictures specifically in the $900-$1300 range, and options for more expensive machines with good screens that could be used for some limited video editing.

by jeanotn2

September 5th 2014 3:21 am

Aplikasi edit foto keren terbaik?
aplikasi edit foto keren selain 5 aplikasi edit foto untuk anda penggila selfie yang ada di

by macouno

March 25th 2014 9:31 am

A good compromise camera for product photography/tutorial videos?
Hi all.
For quite some time now I've been using my phone to take photographs of small items (couple inches) for the web... think etsy products/figurines. The pictures are ok, but could really be better. I bought some very cheap lamps which help loads already, but it's obvious the phone's camera wasn't made for this.
At the same time I'm recording video tutorials about how to design things... For this I've been using my webcam (combination of webcam with me in the corner, and screen capture of my... Read more →
Olloclip lens

by chuckkahn

October 14th 2013 1:23 pm

gdgt category for iPhone lenses?
Is there a way to see just the iPhone lenses on gdgt? I'd like to compare zoom lenses and find ones larger than Olloclip's 2x.

PS: I just did a gdgt search for "iphone lens" and came up with 0 results, when I can see my clicking around the site that the Olloclip and Kogeto dot are listed.
Adobe Ink and Slide

by pupulv

May 17th 2013 3:38 am

which PS to pick?
well, I know this may not be the right place to post my question...
Anyone use PhotoStudio on mac?
Someone out there saying that PhotoStudio has similar features as Photoshop but with handy price. Now I'm planning to do some photo editing work, Professional photo editing software PhotoShop & Handy photo editing software PhotoStudio, which should I pick?


March 31st 2013 9:53 am

What Photo camera should i buy?
I have recently bought a lumix dmc-lx7 and i it's a good camera but i need to buy another a bit better then this. I am looking at compact cameras i travel quite a bit. The lumix was bought on this idea but since it's a 2012 model i want something newer with good settings for someone that does not know to much about photography. What would you recommend?