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OnePlus is giving away Google Cardboard for $0 plus shipping

Well, this is one way for an up-and-coming company to get people's attention. OnePlus, the Chinese manufacturer best-known for making a cheap handset with surprisingly good specs, is about to launch its second-generation phone, and to get folks pumped up, it's selling a modified version of Google's Cardboard virtual reality headset. Make that: "giving away." The headset is free, plus a $5 shipping charge, making it a great deal, even for what's already marketed as a cheap way to experience VR. All told, it's very similar to the second-gen version of Cardboard unveiled at Google I/O a month ago, except this particular iteration is made of a thicker material, is 20 percent smaller and is coated in a dirt- and oil-resistant film, according to TechCrunch.

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Leica is known for making cameras that are too expensive for most people. Its latest one, the Leica Q (Typ 116), is no exception. You can tell a lot about its high value simply by glancing at it; the gorgeous magnesium alloy and matte black finish makes it look exquisitely premium. There are also little details around the chassis to make you further appreciate its design, including an area that allows your thumb to rest comfortably while you're shooting. At roughly 23 ounces (640 grams), the Q isn't exactly lightweight, but doesn't feel heavy either -- its mass is distributed perfectly throughout. But OK, enough about the appearance. How does this $4,250 camera actually perform in the real world?

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It might seem crazy today, but in the early '90s Nintendo and Sony were working together on a video game accessory that'd add CD capabilities to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. There would also be a separate Sony console that'd play SNES cartridge games and titles for the SNES CD system dubbed the PlayStation. As legend tells it, the deal went sour when Nintendo instead announced a partnership with Sony's competitor Philips for the optical add-on at the same CES that Sony unveiled its Nintendo-centric PlayStation. The rest is history. What you see above might as well be a unicorn, then.

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Kindle Paperwhite review (2015): our favorite e-reader gets even better

When Amazon's Kindle Voyage launched last year, I more or less fell in love with it right out of the gate. Sure, a handful of competitors came out with similar displays before Amazon did, but man -- with that high-resolution screen and its sleek new looks, the Voyage was the first Kindle that ever felt really high-end. I didn't stand a chance. Now, thanks to some trickle-down gadget economics, the new Kindle Paperwhite ($119 with ads, $139 without) just got a huge bump in screen resolution too. It was really only a matter of time, but now we're left with a question to ponder: Is a new screen enough to catapult an already-very-good reader into the realm of greatness? Spoiler alert: I think it is.

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After measuring the charging speed of nearly 50 Lightning cables and sending the top 11 to our electrical engineer for teardown analysis, the $9 Anker Lightning to USB Cable is the one we'd buy. Its Lightning-connector plug will work with almost any case, and it costs less than half of what you'd pay for Apple's cables. Plus, it's built with a stress-relief collar that's molded with the plastic plug housing, meaning it should be sturdier than the competition.

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Here's why your favorite subreddits are unavailable (update: AMA is back)

Sad to say your Fourth of July weekend Redditing might not be as smooth as you'd hoped. A number of major subreddit mods have set their domains to private after news broke out that one of the website's employees, Victoria Taylor, has abruptly been let go. If you're wondering why people would be up in arms over one employee, then you likely haven't read any big celebrity Ask Me Anything (AMA) posts for a while. Officially, she's the company's Director of Communications, but within the community, she's known as "chooter" -- the woman with fingers as quick as lightning who made most AMAs enjoyable.

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After the failure of the Fire Phone and the so-so Fire TV, it was hard to get excited about Amazon's $180 Echo wireless speaker. At best, it seemed like a superfluous device that simply mimicked voice-powered tech from our phones in monolithic speaker form. At worst, it felt like yet another way for the company to insert itself into your life -- all in an effort to make you buy more crap from Amazon. I'll admit, I wasn't in any rush to nab an Echo of my own after it was first announced (Prime members with a special invite were able to get it for $99). And, curiously, Amazon didn't make review units available at the time, either. But now that Echo is widely available to everyone, I was finally able to get my hands on one to test out. Surprisingly enough, I ended up falling for it big time.

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ICYMI: Connected Cognac Cap, a Power Glove That Chisels and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Remy Martin installs NFC-enabled caps on its cognac bottles to prevent shady saloons from pulling the old switcheroo, Nike lets Google Cardboard users to play soccer as Neymar Jr., and a London-based artist creates custom Power Gloves that can carve through wood and stone.

From the cutting room floor: This Auburn Fire Department quadcopter makes a special delivery of lifejackets and tow lines to a couple of guys stranded in the middle of a river.

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Eurobest Festival Of Creativity, Day 1

Before a company announces a device, it has to pass through the FCC's secretive bunker to ensure that it's wireless radios are safe for human contact. Droid Life has trawled through the most recent list of anonymized gadgets to find A4R-GG1, a Google-hewn offering that might, just possibly, be the new version of Google Glass. The clues aren't exactly concrete, but include the fact that the hardware isn't classified as a smartphone, tablet or media device. It's equipped with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth LE and a built-in rechargeable battery, so clearly it's also meant to be taken around with you.

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The conflict between Uber and France takes another turn with the news that the company will suspend UberPOP from 8pm (France time) today. The ride-sharing outfit has suffered plenty of protest from taxi drivers, who have attacked cars and drivers in recent weeks. In order to protect the safety of both the company's personnel and passengers, Uber has agreed to halt operations until at least September 30th. That's when the nation's constitutional court will rule on if a decision to ban the service was legal.

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