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February 28th 2013 12:56 am

$100 Trade-in Offer

With HTC offering the $100 or more for a used phone after buying the HTC One, what phone will you be offering for the rebate?


I have a used HTC Hero and my current HTC Evo 4g sitting around. I'll likely just send in the Hero and keep the Evo as a backup just in case something happens. I can't wait to pick up the silver and white handset. The black variant just doesn't pop out.

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If I was on a GSM carrier I'd trade in both my old HTC phones in a second for this.
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The HTC One is being offered at over 180 carriers, most of them GSM. Basically unless you're on Verizon you can likely find the HTC One on your carrier. Who are you with?
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You guessed right, Verizon.
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The black version is more understated, yes, but it's got this gorgeous matte finish that looks really amazing. You can't go wrong with either. :-)
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Probably trading in my Evo 3D for the white version. I completely agree about the black not popping, but I'll reserve my final judgement for when I see them in person, assuming Sprint offers both.

btw is March 15 pretty much a confirmed rumor for release?
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Nothing officially confirmed yet. There are rumors of delays in production due to limited supplies of the Ultrapixel camera.
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