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July 30th 2014 3:32 pm

1Password shows off their iOS8 app extension, and it looks awesome!

As you may recall one of the newest additions to iOS 8 is a more open intent system, and this is something iOS fans have long been wanting. Currently there is tool called OvershareKit [1] that developers can take advantage of, but that's only for sharing. What the wonderful folks at AgileBits have done is create[2] an extension to let developers use 1Password to auto-fill password fields. It's a huge feature I've been wanting out of 1Password and iOS for a while and I'm certainly stoked to see it coming with iOS8. Read up more on it on their official blog where you can check out the video discussing the functionality [3].

1: https:­/­/github.com­/overshare­/overshare­-kit
2: https:­/­/github.com­/AgileBits­/onepassword­-app­-exten...
3: blog.agilebits.com­/2014­/07­/30­/introducing­-the­-1pas...

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Yes! It's something that iOS has needed for a long time. I really like the potential integration with TouchID as well. I think this sort of thing is just a hint at what sorts of extensions will be coming and I'm really excited.

I know, I know. Android has let you do this sort of thing for awhile, but it's new on iOS! I'm excited!
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I was excited about this at first, until I realized this is something an app developer needs to add to their app, not just an update to the 1Password app. Maybe i'm misunderstanding this, but it seems like if I'm an app developer and my users want to use 1Password or Lastpass, or another password manager, I'll have to implement something different for all of them?

How is this not like "the developer indicates these are login form fields, password app developers indicate their app can fill in login forms, then when a app user clicks on one of these login form fields they have an option to open a menu to choose which app you want to fill the form in from"?
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You are correct, but that might be how iOS is planning to handle sharing between apps. I haven't looked at official documentation over the sharing, but I'm leaning towards that based on the WWDC showcase.
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