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December 30th 2009 12:17 pm

2.1 is not called Flan

I've heard from some people that the upcoming 2.1 won't be called Flan. I even heard F might not even be named Flan, and that 2.1 might not even have a name. This is all what I've heard so don't assume this is all true. But I thought I should let the community know.

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any ideas as to wat it will be called?
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I heard it won't have a name, but besides that, nope.
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Sounds better than flan to me.
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Well technically none of the actual numerical updates have had names, the code names are for the development branches used to build the update, i.e. development branch 1.6 was donut, 1.5 was cupcake, and 2.0 was eclair. Now 2.1 might be flan but I am sure they will just call the version 2.1.
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