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July 12th 2009 9:59 am

802.11b downloading more than 500 mb files

does anybody else think that having 802.11b is going to be alittle slow for downloading 1GB-2GB files??

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I was hoping for at least a G... but the PS2 still only has B, so I think its a matching issue... I personally only use the WiFi on the PSP for actual gaming, and use the PS3 (thats hardlined) to download all my games, then hook up the PSP to the PS3 to install games (so that I dont haveta have 2GB of space free on my PSP to install a 1GB game)
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Second that. It's always just been easier (read faster) to dl through PS3 and then transfer via USB. Now, if someone were to get the Go and not have a PS3, well, that's probably gonna suck. Especially browsing the PSN Store on the GO. I've used the browser on my PSP maybe twice. It's just a useless add on IMO. I have a phone for mobile internet. ;)
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Not having a PS3, I think the reason I don't download from the PSN often is because of the horrid loading speeds. Not to mention that it takes almost an entire charge just to rent a video from the PSN. I really do think that an update to the hardware was necessary if Sony wants to sell this thing to consumers who don't already have a PS3.
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Wireless N is supposed to be ratified this year and the "new" PSP is still stuck with 802.11b.... Yay, a fully online console with downloadable games sized up to 1.8GB and you're locked in at 11mbps.......
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