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by dave

The trailer is out for Jurassic World! Are you ready to go back to Isla Nublar?
The trailer is finally out for Jurassic World, the long awaited (and some would argue, proper) sequel to 1993's Jurassic Park. The original movie (and book) had a profound effect on me as a kid -- it was easily one of my favorite movies and books of all time. Plus, it had amazing dinosaurs. What's not to love??!
Anyway, check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFinNxS5KN4&hd=1
Holy crap. I'm ridiculously excited for this. Hollywood, please don't... Read more →
Huawei 102HW Ultra WiFi 4G

by mwkim

I'd like to use this device as TV remote controller.
I'd like to use this device as TV remote controller.

Does this device has IR sensor?
And any way to get on the firmware on this device?

Thanks for further help.
Apple iPhone 4s

by johncolucci

Show us your badly damaged phone!
The phone you see here isn't something a friend pulled out from a closet to show off their once broken phone: it was the phone they were using inbetween losing another iPhone and waiting for a new iPhone to come in the mail. You've got shards of glass peeking out on the top and cracked glass throughout, not to mention -- the risk of electrical shock. Quite a sight to behold.
Seeing this made me... Read more →

by bizzip

Local entertainment app which benefits local communities
I have recently been developing an Iphone (and eventually android) application which aims to raise the profile of all forms of local entertainment in the UK from both the side of the talent and the venue. The focus is on talent which is not usually given the recognition it deserves and provides a platform to advertise to anyone who has the app.
Our aim is to create a UK wide database of small local acts, artists, performers and venues whose work is not usually recognised in the mainstream media... Read more →

by fish212

Synchronize engadget account across devices

I love engadget and read on my tablet pc and phone.
However i wonder if it is possible to somehow save articles to my account so i can open them up on any device?

If i save an article in the android app of my phone (by clicking the little heart) it is not saved in the android app of my tablet. And both devices have engadget as synced accounts in android, but i don't see where i can log in on the android app...

BTW i live in Belgium
Razer Blade 4th-gen

by VerAnGuaR

Surface pro 3 or razer blade (2014)
Hello, I'm a civil engineer, going to Madrid for an MBA on April 2015, and I will be needing a laptop for my studies, researches, watching videos and some gaming here and there (dota2, diablo3..). The machine will also be used for work later on be it engineering, consultancy, or finance, and I expect it to last 2 to 3 years at least. I'm looking for a premium laptop with a sleek design, and portability is an issue. Do you recommend the surface pro 3 i7 or the razer blade? (if any other device...
Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

by broncochief

lenovo ideapad
My son bought a lenovo ideapad y510p. He bought it for gaming. Has had it for 2 days and cannot play on it. It shuts down on certain games or it will go black screen on certain games or when he tries to download steam. Anyone have the same problem or know what the problem is?

by dave

Does Uber's behavior make you want to hitch a ride with someone else?
Image via Jason Cipriani/CNET
Uber's been on a pretty bumpy road this week. A few highlights:
  • Using 'God View' to track journalists.
  • Executive implying they should dig up dirt on reporters critical of the company.
  • A French promotion to pair riders with "hot chick" drivers recently came to light.
The company has traditionally had a fairly cavalier attitude... Read more →
Nintendo DS Lite

by kris

The Nintendo DS turns 10!
It was ten years ago today -- November 21, 2004 -- that Nintendo released its first dual-screen, touch-controlled Nintendo DS in North America (Japan would get the DS in December 2004). It was the inital entry in an entirely new product line, the successor to the wildly successful Game Boy line that had been running since 1989 (and would ultimately be discontinued in 2008). And while it initially got off to a shaky start, the DS... Read more →

by compufreek

Mobile phone tracking
I was thinking of a little project for myself ... is there a cheap (if not gimme the expensive one) way to track a mobile device in a area ? Like if i get some sort of devices to set up a radious in a feald and then i would be able to get the locations of a mobile phone (i know i would need 3 such devices or more for triangulation)
i just need to know if there is a way to do this without that person knowing (dont need additional software on the phone itself) so when someone with a mobile... Read more →