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September 1st 2009 12:05 am

A better camera app?

Hey, I have a mytouch 3G and the camera app isn't that great. Is there a better camera app that does "Touch to focus" like the iPhone? Camera pro and snapphoto sucks because I dont want to do effects, I just need something that focuses where I want to focus. I also rooted my phone and the camera that came with the new rom has a newer camera app, but that one doesnt allow you to hold the button to focus, then release to take the picture, it just takes the picture. How can I get the old camera app on that?

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I don't know if there is any app, or if its even possible since when it takes the picture it tries to focus. It sucks for me since i am always sort of shaking but i can still get decent images. Hopefully donut comes with a new camera so maybe it will get another upgrade.
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I'm not sure if there is an app for that. Im thinking not. I never really know where its going to focus because it goes through the whole range before taking the picture. Kind of annoying how slow the camera is.
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