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December 23rd 2009 3:41 am

A controlled "leak"?

How possible is it that Google is planning all these leaks of the phone? Or at least knows about them ahead of time and lets them come out anyway?

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I think they definitely know about the leaks because they want the press. They probably even plant the information, because look at the hype it's causing.

Google knows how to use the internet to its advantage, and by making it look unintentional only feeds into techies' fantasies. I can't wait for this phone and they haven't even officially announced it exists.

Only 14 more days until Jan 5th!
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That's exactly what I was thinking. There have been so many pictures and videos that it seems like Google definitely has a hand.

I've had my heart set on the TouchPro 2 for months because I like the keyboard, but I may have to forget about it if the Nexus One lives up to the hype.
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it would be kind of silly to give out something so cool to thousands of people and not expect some to talk. I am sure they have a "model" for estimating how many would. :)
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I bet you right on the money, the amount of hype they generated for this almost squashed everything else that happened this year.
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Agreed, all those pictures that were uploaded have the appearance of an approved act.
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Engadget getting a hold of this is further evidence to support the theory.
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