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March 22nd 2010 4:55 pm

A couple questions about the HD2

For those that have picked it up, I'm wondering about a couple things. I'm trying to decide between this and the Nexus One, and there are a couple pieces of software on Android that I'd miss if I were to switch over from my G1.

First, I know you can use Google Maps on the HD2, and that it doesn't have the free GPS navigation feature. That's not a big deal. The big deal to me is does Google Maps have the same GPS aware searching available?

And related to this, what GPS navigation software is decent for Windows Mobile? I see that Garmin has some, but it costs $70. I'd pick that up if I knew it was good. And I doubt it'll be updated again.

Next, I really like ShopSavvy on the Android. Is there something like that available for Windows Mobile? Something that'll allow me to scan a barcode and find a better price on whatever it is?

And I guess I'd be open for other suggestions too. Those are the main things that I'd miss going from Android to WinMo, but I'm sure there are other great pieces of software that I'd like to use. Thanks for your help!

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I can tell you right now that most people will probably advise you to hold off until WP7S becomes available if you're thinking of going the WinMo route. I have both devices and I have to say I've stuck more with the N1 than the HD2. I love the screen real estate on the HD2 and the Sense UI makes WinMo a pleasure to work with, but with the leaps that Android has taken with 2.1, it's hard to pull away from the Nexus One.

In regards to your first question, I have used traditional Google Maps for directions. It's not as robust as a full blown GPS app, but I got used to it. Maps is still GPS aware on the HD2. I used a TomTom trial license that I had but was not too impressed, especially for the price.

On the other hand, if you are a heavy Exchange user, the HD2 would be your choice. The N1 has Exchange support but it is quite limited compared to the WinMo experience. Other than Exchange and that massive screen however, I do not see any benefits that the HD2 holds over the Nexus One.

For now, I would say go with the Nexus One, especially as a G1 user as you will appreciate how Android runs on this new hardware. If you have the funds to spare, I would even recommend purchasing it for the full $529 to avoid the contract, which would leave you the opportunity to use that subsidy in the future if you decide you like what you see in WP7S, or even if you decide to go with the HD2 down the road. You could always sell the Nexus One to recoup some of that money while not having to miss out on your subsidy for another two years.
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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I expect most people to reply with the wait for WP7S or avoid the HD2 simply because WP7S is coming arguments.

I've used Google Maps for directions on my old BlackBerry and such, so I know how that works. I figured that would be about the best I'd get, but glad for the confirmation. I just don't want to pay for Garmin or TomTom when it is likely they won't be updated again, and they are not really better than Google Navigation that comes with Android.

And I only use Exchange for work, which supplies me with a BlackBerry, so no need for that. My personal stuff is all Google apps, and Android is awesome for that.

Your last point is great, and is what I will probably do. Buy the N1 outright to avoid extending my contract and having to change my plan since I am on a family plan currently and I have heard that the subsidy doesn't work with family plans. But you make a great point in that I can use my subsidy on another phone when or if I see something I like.

I just like that huge screen. The HD2 hardware is just so incredible, I'm having a hard time passing it up.
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the latest version of Bing has turn by turn navigation with auto rerouting and voice prompts as well as location aware search. you can spring for Garmin, but i'd recommend trying Bing first since it's free. there's also CoPilot8 that's a bit cheaper than the Garmin software and just as good... i believe it's only $30-40 and like Garmin uses preloaded maps.

google maps has search included in it and it's location-aware.

for something like ShopSavvy, i use QuickMark. it's a QR Code and UPC barcode scanner. you can add up to 5 of your own sites and select one as a default to automatic product searches from scanned UPC barcodes. it's extremely accurate and fast, too, compared to other barcode scanning software available for WinMo. it's $10 from quickmark.com.tw and i have it set to google product search by default and amazon and thefind.com as optional product searches.

fwiw, i've recently dumped my HD2 and bought a Nexus One. the quality of apps in the android market was too irresistable to ignore and the latest update to the TMO HD2 borked mine.
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Hey, thanks for the reply. I suppose I should have provided an update earlier, but I wound up getting the HD2, but returned it after a week. I loved the hardware, but really liked Android too much. So after that week, I bought a Nexus One. I'm very happy with my purchase, and with the new Froyo on there, it's running faster and better than ever. The quality and number of apps in the Android Market are a large selling point (as the iPhone apps are to people who have them or are looking at those).

I didn't find WinMo to be as bad as everyone said (well, the reviewers like Engadget and Gizmodo anyway), but as I said before, most of my info is in Google Apps anyway, and Android ties them all together well.
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