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July 11th 2009 11:17 pm

A2DP Bluetooth Receiver for Car's Aux In Jack?

Hey everyone, looking for a suggestion on where to find a device that lets me stream audio into my car through the aux in port.

I would prefer it to have a rechargable battery and a 3.5mm audio out so I can connect it to my car.

Anyone found a device like this?

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I currently use this:


It works great. it stays powered by the 12v socket and plugs into the aux jack in my car. The remote lets you play/pause and voice control/answer-end a call. It does have a mic for hands free calling. I just with the mic was better or you could connect an external mic so it can be paced anywhere.
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Anyone still looking for a solution for this should consider TuneLink Auto by New Potato Technologies. It serves as an A2DP Bluetooth-To-Aux or FM bridge. It also has a USB charge port that can handle an iPad.

This is the ONLY solution that auto-connects, and can Auto-Start music on an iOS device. This is truly a priceless feature. Check it out:
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I took your advice, and you're right the tunelink is awesome. It works with android also.
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I've been looking for the same thing for a while. I can't replace my stereo with one that supports bluetooth, so a device that uses A2DP and outputs via a wired connection would be ideal!
I've found this:

But I'd like to hear if anyone's used this or something similar.
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im also looking for something like this! Great Idea. all we need is some sort of bluetooth receiver that outputs (white and red) rca. The search is on!
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I think I might have found a product: Scosche BlueLife Transmitter/Receiver

Site Link: www.scosche.com­/products­/productID­/437

Amazon Link: www.amazon.com­/Scosche­-UBRH­-Bluetooth­-Hands­-Free­-C...

Looks like it was marketed as a solution to stream from a non-bluetooth equipped iPod to the receiver however they do sell the receiver separately and user reviews say that it does pair with other devices.

The only thing holding me back now is the amazon review rating.
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I know it's been a while since anyone has posted on this thread, but it's something I am interested in. Has anyone found something they like? I keep thinking about this:


But I am worried it only works with BlackBerries. Any thoughts?
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Take a look at this review. They say that when it looses power it looses its pairing information. So if you had it plugged into a car charger, you would have to repair ever time.

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I just got a Blackberry Remote Stereo Gateway www.amazon.com­/BlackBerry­-Remote­-Stereo­-Bluetooth­-... and it works for A2DP streaming music to my car's aux input. It does remain paired even after repeated unplugging-and-plugging-in.

BIG PROBLEM, though... it *doesn't* support handsfree calling for my iPhone4! Seems like the Phone app should easily just recognize the Stereo Gateway as a mic-less headphone to play call audio over the car's speakers and use the iPhone's built-in mic.

By the way, this actually works great as a poor-man's-in-car-handsfree-calling-solution:
Just plug in a 3.5mm audio patch cable from your iPhone's headphone jack into your car's aux input. You can play songs from your iPod on your car speakers and when a call comes in, audio fades out nicely and you can answer the call without unjacking the phone... Call audio just plays over your car speakers (via the aux in line) and the iPhone's built-in mic picks up your voice when you speak. Actually works quite nicely if you just place your iPhone upside-down (with mic grill facing upward) in a car cupholder -- you can take calls, speaking in a normal voice even in noisy traffic.

I'd been using that "poor-man's" solution for a while and was hoping that the Blackberry Remote Stereo Gateway would support the same config, but just turn the 3.5mm audio patch cable into a wireless Bluetooth connection. Unfortunately doesn't appear to work because the iPhone won't recognize the Stereo Gateway as a Bluetooth speaker for calls!! Argh.

But like I said above, it *does* work for A2DP music streaming, just *not* for handsfree calling.

Anyone know of a similar Bluetooth A2DP gateway device that *is* recognized by iPhone during phone calls?
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nice thing
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I just ordered this one which seems to have lots of good reviews. www.amazon.com­/Accessory­-Power­-GG­-FLEXSMART­-X2­-Fle...
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