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February 25th 2014 11:50 am

About Mouse/Touchpad issues

Many people are complaining about the double-click or right click issues with this laptop but I will say that I am so happy with this laptop's Touchpad. People who are complaining didn't read the touchpad manual correctly, The issue here is we have left-click and right-click and double click as part of mouse properties and normal navigation from touchpad. Normally users use 2 fingers openly available when they are working with laptops, pointing-finger to navigate and ring-finger or thumb for right-click. To tackle this issue easily, HP Envy Touchsmart is designed with far more advanced touchpad, to navigate use only one finger as common to other laptops, to right-click just navigate to icon you want to right-click and tap anywhere on touchpad with 2 fingers that means to right-click you need just a tap of 2 finger at same time on touchpad without using thumb click on any button. where ever the mouse is, right-click will take place on that point. So, no use of thumb just 2 finger and tapping anywhere on touchpad to right-click which is way more easier and better option as no need to press buttons. Actually, you can use and create many more options with this touchpad as it can trace upto 10 finger touches perfectly at any instant,, like zooming, panning, shifting pgup or pgdown etc...

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Ashick the problem is people tend to still think of a mouse when they approach touch pads. Eventually this concept will be something that many will still have a learning curve with, but it is very nice to see how well touchpads are easier to use. My laptop of choice is my HP Envy Sleekbook the touchpad is my favorite so far on any laptop used thus far. I was curious about some of the easy gestures and found out I had to pull up the manual which for many it is left inside the box. HP should work on a on screen guide that shows you how easy it is to use a touchpad.
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