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June 16th 2010 1:01 pm

About the Xbox 360 naming...

the original Xbox 360 is called the Xbox 360.

the new (smaller, quieter, wi-fi N) Xbox is simply the New Xbox 360...

Microsoft's semantics, not mine... :)

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I get that this is kind of an uncomfortable (re-)naming, but we are following Microsoft's conventions here. It's the new Xbox 360, not the New Xbox 360 (i.e. "New" is NOT part of the product name); the original Xbox 360 is also officially being referred to by Microsoft as Xbox 360 Original (i.e. "Original" IS part of the name, and is used to differentiate). Some of this seems a little messy, but we're keeping an eye on it.
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I've been looking around and it looks like the new one is the the Xbox 360 S.

(The name is on the chart.)

(The name is above the FCC logo.)
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I dunno, when Apple releases a new iPod its stil called an iPod. Gadget sites like these give it labels like iPod 2nd generation. Maybe we should label this the Xbox 360 2G.
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I think I would prefer if the New Xbox 360 had some kind of addendum on the name; seeing it listed as just "Xbox 360" just feels... wrong.
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its so weird and messed up... so the "New" technically isn't part of the new xbox 360 and the "Original" technically won't be on the old Xbox 360 console or its box....

they both just say Xbox 360....

its the same as the PS3 redesign... according to Sony, its just the PS3 - both the new and the old one...

the PS (original model) got a redesign and a new name - PSOne

the PS2 (original model) got a redesign and a new name - PS2 Slimline

the PS3 and the Xbox 360 however have both messed that up...

oh well..
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people will ultimately call them whatever the hell they want anyway I guess........ :P
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I believe the new one is just called Xbox 360 (no new or anything) the old one is called the Xbox 360 Original. (according to Engadget)
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