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August 9th 2013 9:54 am

Acer is planning more Android tablets and Chromebooks, less Windows products

Acer, like ASUS, has had some financial losses the last quarter and are shifting their focus a bit. They're going to continue to work with Microsoft and manufacture laptops and tablets, but not as much. Instead they're planning to make more Android tablets and more Chromebooks. Given their track record with Android tablets and their less than stella C7, I'm not entirely sure how well this can play out. One can hope that with less focus on Windows devices they can provide more premium products for Android and Chromebooks, but premium has never been their been their mo.


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I could see them doing something in the Android tablet space that is worthwhile, and there actually seems to be some growth there. Maybe I'm the only one, but I just don't see a future for Chromebooks. They aren't that much cheaper than a cheap laptop, and the limited offline functionality doesn't seem to serve people well in the real world. I'm sure I could be wrong, and only time will tell.
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When recommending them to people who need something cheap and "virus free", I make sure I'm very clear that they have incredibly limited functionality. I essentially describe them as a tablet but with a proper full blown browser.
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