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November 8th 2013 9:41 am

Add a category for modems

Everybody has to get on the internet. All self-respecting gdgt lovers are probably on broadband. We all have to use a modem to do it. Whether it is DSL or cable, rented or purchased, we all use them. Why not have a category for them? That way we can exchange info on favorites and models to avoid.

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We're always considering new categories and this has been one that has been brought up by users before.
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A lot of modem/routers are lumped into the Routers category.

For example, the TP Link 8816 Modem Router I have is on this site.

Maybe try look through that section!
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I tried adding my modem to the router category and it got rejected. (it does not have a router in it) That's why I suggested a category for modems.
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