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August 24th 2012 4:47 am

Adding a category: Cases

Choosing a smartphone/tablet case SUCKS! It is probably the most difficult tech-product to choose. Which is gdgt's goal: helping people choose the gadget or product that is best suited for them. So, I think you should make a "Cases" category, which will be divided into sub-categories, for each device. Of course, only the popular devices, like the iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2/new iPad, Samsung Galaxy S III, another Android device (HTC One X, for example)...

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they could also add gadgets accessories, like styluses and other peripherals...
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I am looking for the most useful case. Something like the mophie cases but better.
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Thanks for the feedback. We're always looking for new categories to add to the site, so stay tuned! For now, we do review keyboard cases, under the Keyboard category, so please take a look if you're shopping for one of those!
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Yes, I am aware that you already review keyboard cases (plus, I posted a review on one), but I want to know which are the best iPhone cases, things like that.
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I couldn't agree more. It would make a lot of sense to have a category for cases as it honestly always seems to be one of the most difficult purchases when it comes to gadgets.
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