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November 9th 2011 3:29 pm

Adobe announced they will no longer develop Flash for mobile devices after 11.1. Are you going to miss it?

Adobe confirmed a report yesterday stating they were going to stop developing Flash for mobile device support such as Android & the Playbook in order to more aggressively focus on HTML5. They're going to keep developing flash for the PC but also begin to put more effort into HTML5 there as well.

Flash was a big marketing point by a lot of different mobile OS makers and now with them looking to make the shift do you think this will be a bad thing? Was Flash an important selling feature when making your purchasing decision?

Personally I never cared much for Flash on a mobile device. With how rich native apps were becoming and the advancements of HTML5 I didn't understand the big to-do. Not to mention the fact that it was a resource hog on laptops and often was a big downfall in battery life.

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Who misses the Flash based adds? :)
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Having used an iPhone/iPad for so long I really don't notice that I'm missing out on Flash content. All of the sites I go to either use HTML5 or don't require Flash. I even went so far as to to totally remove Flash from my main system because it's baked into Chrome for the few sites that still utilize it.

Like you, I've never really cared for Flash and definitely think that Adobe has made the right decision.
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No. Flash didnt make big in Mobile world.
But, if they shut down in PC environment, it will be greatest loss.
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Never have, never will.
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I keep getting updates to Flash via Android Market, yet the damn thing never seems to work when I try to use it, so technically it has never really been there on my device. So I won't miss it, because it has rarely, if ever, worked.
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It was nice to have the option to use flash in some instances, but I agree with other comments about it's performance. Even a dual core phone with a gig of RAM struggled to run flash. Flash also caused my phone to spontaneously reboot at times. Oh yea, I'll really miss it (not).
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I rarely ever visit sites that use Flash exclusively, but there are occasional times where it comes in handy. Probably a good decision on Adobe's part, though they should have done this a while ago, since HTML5 is where we're moving towards.

The biggest challenge will be getting restaurants to ditch Flash for their websites.
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