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All Android fans must watch this video of the Android mascot dancing to techno music:


Looks like this took place at some sort of Xperia Arc event. In my opinion, this guy should be at EVERY consumer electronics show.

Found via Reddit: www.reddit.com­/r­/Android­/comments­/g8z11­/apple­_you­_...

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It strikes me as a robot - due to the movements and also the lack of eyeholes.
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What did I just watch?
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We need that guy at our events!
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And I now have a new bootscreen.
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Wearing those inflatable boxing gloves makes my hands disgustingly sweaty, so I pity the guy (or girl) and how they must feel underneath that costume while dancing.
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I don't know if it's the same company but these frequent a local baseball team in my area. Here is a link to the company website: www.zooperstars.com/ Every time I see them I'm intrigued as to how they're operated and controlled.
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