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October 18th 2011 1:13 am

All I have to say about the Canon EOS-1D X: 204,800 ISO?!?!

For all intents and purposes, this thing has night vision. Incredible!

(For reference, the previous full frame "record" seemed to be the Nikon D3's 102,400 ISO.)

Other relevant specs:

Sensor: 18 megapixel (CMOS -- 36mm x 24mm)
Sensitivity: 100 - 51,200 ISO (Expanded: 50 - 204,800 ISO)
Continuous shooting: 12 fps
Shutter cycles: 400K cycles
Metering: 252 zones
Video: Quicktime MOV (1080/30p/24p, 720p/60p/50p)
LCD: 3.2 inches (1MP+)
Memory: 2 x CF
Price: $6800

Ships in March of 2012!

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Armpit was looking for a DSLR, maybe we can convince him to buy this.
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Yeah...so that is amazing. I want it.
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This is huge! I cannot wait to see what they put in the 5D Mark III !
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Finally Canon is responding to Nikon . . . at $1000 less than the mighty Nikon 3DX. LOL. And that is still a pretty scary price!
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