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October 15th 2013 7:21 pm

All the problems, love 8.0 scores on both sides yet a 93?

I like how you guys don't know how to review an OS. Again reducing your credibility. GDGT is already laughed at on many review sites. There are plenty of software and hardware that got higher critic and user reviews yet are below a 90. iOS7 get's a 93? Same reason who no laptop is a must buy in gaming because apple doesn't have a dog in the show right gdgt? With all the issues this OS had ans still has it still get's quickly reviewed into a 93. Yeah makes sense why people are jail breaking and running back to 6 right gdgt? I thought so. Any of you fanboys want to chime in don't waste your time, you are a fanboy after all. I'll stick with iOS6 until this POS becomes stable.

An Apple user with a brain.

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First off, please refrain from using the word fanboy. A lot of us here are multi-platform users.

Regarding our reviews, our scores are based on a variety of factors with the primary source being how critics are reviewing the product. We also look at how the product has done historically. You can read more about how we handle our scoring methodology here: gdgt.com­/help­/­#gdgt­-score
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Sales mean nothing. And should not go into a review. Unfortunately you have to take into account fanboy reviews. Your review seem to not take into account all the issues of usability and security when it came to the iOS 7 release. Nor did it obviously take into account the issue with updating. All these factors should play a roll in your reviews. I understand the methodology of your scoring system but it doesn't mean anyone will agree with it. There have been plenty of products in our time released that had poor sales due to resistance and the timing of products but at the core we review the product, how it performs within it's niche and not the adoption of a particular product. Your user and critic reviews are on par with other products yet YOUR review and final score always puts Apple products on a pedestal. Hence my thread and disappointment with this page. There should be no discussion with your writers. If you rated this product based on critics and users it would have never broke a 90. But it did, because of your discussion with your writers. if you don't see the problem with that than I can't, like many other, see the legitimacy of this webpage.
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Being a multi-platform user does not disqualify one from being a fanboy. In fact not being a all-platform user should disqualify one from being on staff at a tech site.

This discord between the critic+user reviews of Apple products and the GDGT score assigned is not a new issue. A similar inflation exists on literally every Apple product on your must have list (likely the entire site), the most hilarious of which is the Magic Mouse (the only people who "must have" that hand cramping disaster own Apple stock).

So if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and smells like a duck; you'd have us call it an alligator?
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Well said.
This seems to be a common trend with replies from gdgt staff. I just wish they would subject a product to it's own festering poop rather than their own expectations. They can be valid in some terms but ultimately products must be reviewed within the market they attempt to fill, not the over all scheme of things as it seems they do here on gdgt. Frankly the computer section is ever worse. One Toshiba gaming laptop? Really? As if Alienware doesn't have it's own issues at this point. The bias views is painfully obvious and you don't even hide it well. In reality you only get away with fanboys but not with those who have a brain. Whether Android or IOS. But in reality true tech lovers appreciate and UNDERSTAND the tech being thrown out on the floor. Where as this site seems to forget that there are actually intelligent people out there who can smell the difference between crap and roses. You cell phone section is terrible and you computer section is really the tipping point for me. No actual power user would ever use a Mac. If they say so then they really are not pushing the computer to it's engineering brink, not even close. If you argue that then you just solidify the stupidity this site represents. Yes there are excellent Apple notebooks but your watering down of other realms is just stupid. Sure, Apple doesn't make gaming laptops, but why should others suffer because you compare the OS vs the hardware?
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This is the last time I'm explaining this but our scores are based heavily around what other review sources are saying. So with regards to your Toshiba comment, perhaps Toshiba hardware is not widely reviewed as Alienware hardware? And if you really have an issue with Apple products being highly scored then perhaps you need to take it up with every publication that reviews an Apple product.

No actual power user would ever use a Mac.
I find it humorous that you are calling us out for narrow minded views but then express your own view, as if it's fact, on a particular product category. This is the same thing you are accusing us of doing.
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Just because he gets off topic and does what he's accusing you of doing does not mean that you are, in fact, not doing it.

If the score is 'based heavily around what other review sources are saying' than why is it 12% higher than both the critic and user reviews (it should also be noted that 11% of the 'critic' reviews areare from exactly fanboy blogs with at least another 7.5% from defacto fanboy blogs- which ought to shade the grade lower the the critic average)?
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