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November 26th 2009 10:44 pm

Alternatives to Chrome OS


After about 12 hours of continuous repackaging and reconfiguring I finally got something similar to the aim. When it will be complete, I'll share it. I wonder if there are any known Google Chrome OS alternatives at all... just for the purposes it has been created for?

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Many Asus laptops have something called ExpressGate (based on Splashtop), which is intended to be a quick-boot stripped-down OS centered around the browser (though it does have dedicated programs for listening to music, viewing photos, and using chat and Skype functions). Instead of pressing the Power button to turn on the laptop, one can press a dedicated button, and within about seven seconds, ExpressGate will appear. I think HP has a similar system on some of their latest Mini netbooks.

Jolicloud (based on Ubuntu Netbook Remix) and Moblin are also minimal netbook/cloud-based operating systems, but I don't think they are meant to boot instantly, and they are more full-featured than either Google Chrome OS or Splashtop. I personally wouldn't put Jolicloud or Moblin in the same category, but the focus on the cloud is still very prevalent.
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That's it... Moblin... why not in the same category? Everyone can customize anything there. Thanks for the answer anyway.
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Any recommendations that are tailored to a macbook?
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this is fake website to download chrome os
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HP has an OS called Instant On which is found on their Mini and Envy line. It's Linux based and takes 4 - 8 secs to boot up. You get access to the web, email and you can access the HDD for pics, videos and music. I've had a chance to try it on both the Mini and Envy...it's pretty cool. Not very customizable, but it gets you access to the important stuff fast. You can boot into Windows from there too.
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I just downloaded a VM appliance for an open source OS called gOS. It has Open Office. Don't know much more than that. Just started playing with it but came here to get their Chrome appliance.
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gOS is not google os.... that is only some distro
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