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Am I the only one underwhelmed and/or concerned?

I look at the amount of data I create every few hours. Hundreds of MB. Sometimes that is system level generated and sometimes it's myself generated.

The pictures I take and in their pure 'negative' form (RAW) they're 15MB or more. I have about 500GB of these since 2003. Are all of them Ansel Adams? no. But would I want to be forced to toss them or spend money to upload them 'somewhere'?

What about the legal issues of this 'cloud' computing? You're stuff isn't your stuff anymore. One call from the senator and your data could go away. There are lots of legal issues that should be sorted about hosted vs in your house data and stuff before I would be comfortable with this type of.

What about spam? Meaning what if you do something stupid and get flagged as spam and your data goes away? It's happened to blogspot/blogger people where their blog was deleted because it was flagged as offensive/spam?

Then there's the elephant in the room of shitty broadband connections. Download? ok not terrible, but uploads? 128k caps? 512k max? Any creation of data is going to take forever to get 'to the cloud' and any big download will take a while 'from the cloud'. We don't have decent inexpensive high speed bandwidth everywhere, and we don't have inexpensive mediocre high speed wireless either.

I've never seen one and again I'm reserving judgment but I've been surprised that no one has discussed these issues and/or asked about it during the launch. Maybe they have some wild method to handle this but no one has talked about it. The legal issues are a big red issue for me though.

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I can see the problem on today's 3g networks, but even Sprint's 4g which I use on my phone, is incredible. I think I avg 7 down and 1.5 up with it. For most of my work that is more than enough for now. My concern is not speed caps, but overall data caps. With devices like this and the ipad I fear the day of the unlimited data plans is coming to an end soon. Most carriers have started doing this and I am sure it will be the standard.
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There is no doubt that there are all kinds of issues related to cloud computing in a world that isn't yet cloud based. This is a great concept and a first step into moving cloud computing into a more accessible format for individuals.

For the use-cases that you mention, this device wouldn't be effective, obviously. I don't even think this device would be aimed for anyone doing heavy computing. The reality is, many people can and do have more than one computer in their home (at least in North America), which makes having a second device for lighter tasks a plausible consumer reality.

I for one would love to have a cloud based device for my daily browsing after work and before bed.
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I agree. This device/operating system is not aimed at the power user right now. Maybe one day, but not today. I've been using one exclusively since last Thursday and while I haven't ran into many walls I don't see myself using this 100% of the time. It's a nice computer to leave on bed or take with me when I'm going out for coffee.
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And while I do have an iPad I still enjoy typing on a real keyboard when I can.
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