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September 16th 2009 5:44 pm

Amazon Now Taking Pre-Orders

Just placed my pre-order yesterday. Can't wait for it to show up, it'll be a great upgrade from my 400D.

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oh. want. but i wonder what the announcement on the 29th will be about?
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What announcement? Got a link?
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I was hoping amazon would also have a release date to go along with this preorder... they don't. Best Buy has an 'estimated arrival date' of October 13th - 19th. I hope it's sooner than that.
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I ordered mine from www.beachcamera.com and they just got confirmation from Canon (on Tuesday) that the 7D has been shipped to them. This means I might get mine as early as next week!!!!!

About the announcement at the end of the month... whether its the 5D MKIII (very unlikely) or the 1D MK IV (more likely) or even the 60D (which seems most realistic), it doesn't change the fact that for my needs/wants... the 7D checks all the boxes. I have no doubt I made the right choice. :-)
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Hmmm, nothing from Amazon as of yet as to if/when they'll ship my pre-order. I may have to check out other online retailers.
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I have been watching the Now In Stock site: www.nowinstock.net­/digitalcameras­/canon­/7d/

Since Amazon won't even give me an estimate for when they think they'll have it in stock, I'm going to cancel my order with them as soon as I see any other retailer having it in stock.
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