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July 2nd 2009 10:29 pm

American Vs European SNES

The American version of the SNES always jars me. The European version was so much better looking.

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I agree with you. Coming from France, I've always had an european version of the console and I find it so much better looking that the US version.
And I still can't understand why the US version doesn't share the same design that the Japanese and European versions. I guess some Nintendo employee just said "Americans seem to like angles, let's put a lot of angles on this stuff" during a reunion.
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its the buttons that annoyed me the most on the US version is that if they had to stick to the purple, at least keep the buttons the one colour... Unlike the other one, it was easy to differentiate if you weren't colour blind as you could easily sight which buttons to press by their colours (press the red one!!) and the multi-colours were much better. Overall the shape of the "rest of the world" version was much better. I grew up with the PAL version and I'm sure if you grew up with the US version you may have liked the boxy look.

would be nice to know what the real reason behind it was. Just to be different?

I love both the NES and SNES, shame I don't feel the same about the newer generations of consoles.
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I did a little bit of Google research and I still can't find the why behind this design change. Anybody knows and could enlighten us ?
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Actually the EUR Version of the NES was in fact the design of Japanese version... Luckily for me... I still own 2 of them (JP Version) they are SO cheap here in 2nd hands
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Yup! Everyone loved the Super Famicom.
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For those who are curious:

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I personally like the purple and grey, to me the multicolor buttons on the European controllers look weird. Also I love the circular grooves on the X and Y buttons to differentiate them from A and B.
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Bah. I like the blocky design of the SNES (as well as NES, Atari 2600, and Sega Master System). For some reason I preferred them not to be super sleek looking.
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I agree, shame the PAL version of the SNES is not listed here on GDGT
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