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November 26th 2009 4:25 pm

An idea for how to boot Chrome OS...

I had this idea, but I'm not sure if it's possible:

What if I took the MicroSD card in my HTC Touch Pro2 and partitioned it - one 500MB portion, and one 7.5 GB portion. Then I would write the Chrome OS image to the smaller partition. If that works, could I then plug it in to any computer and have it boot from the Chrome OS image on my phone?

Does anyone have any idea if that would work? I'm willing to give it a shot myself, but if someone knows some major issue that'll cause it not to work, I'd prefer to find that out first. :D


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Of course it will not work, the image probably is compiled for x86 arquitecture, and run only on PCs, remeber the code should be compiled for the arquitecture of the hardware.
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Excuse me if I misunderstood your answer, but I didn't mean that I'd run Chrome OS on my phone. I meant that I'd put the image on my phone, plug my phone into a computer (my PC for example), restart my computer, and boot from the image. I'd partition the SD card in my phone to separate the image from my phone stuff.
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i dont see why it wont work, just gotta make sure the PC is set to boot of USB... give it a try and let us all know it be goes, be interesting to know if it does :)
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if you mean to use your phone as a usb device, than I believe it will work!
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