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November 29th 2009 1:13 pm

An idea to get that zip file smaller

It takes 20 mins to download that zip file
Solution : Use 7-zip! It's compression is far smaller

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Are you telling the experts here to zip it with 7-zip or are you saying that we should use 7-zip to download it??
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I really wish they can make this file smaaler. It takes a long time to download. I also realise that the download can fail because the session timed out. Now as I write I am getting close to succeeding in downloadeing simply by moving around the www.gdgt.com site to keep my session alive.
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First time i see the screen shoot from google chrome os really nice and i would like to have...
and then i try to download, but then i see the file.. like file from adobe, and that only for browser..... with big file.. so its better i cancel that because i hate "waiting-waiting-waiting and waiting" heheheeeee...

and i download normal google chrome....

good luck with chrome os

best regard
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