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November 25th 2012 2:06 am

Android 4.2 Is Dissapointing (on the Galaxy Nexus)

Unlike 4.0 and 4.1, 4.2 to me is a total disappointment. Almost all the new features had the right intentions but missed the mark and execution of that intent.

  1. My Galaxy Nexus is no longer buttery smooth like in 4.1. In fact, it's gotten pretty sluggish and animations here and there are choppy and slow.
  2. The notification bar shortcuts are a great idea but completely failed in execution.

    WHY IS THERE STILL NO AUTO-ROTATE ON/OFF SHORTCUT? It's ridiculous that I still have to go deep into the settings menu to turn auto-rotate on or off. The only way I can fix it is by using a third party widget which I shouldn't have to.

    Second, why can't I specify what shortcuts to have on in the notification bar? I'd like to be able to add a shortcut for turning on tethering (wifi or USB) and get rid of some shortcuts like Bluetooth.

    Third, why is it so ugly? What's the purpose of having my picture there? I'll never have to click on myself to figure out what my number is. Also, instead of a neat row like the power widget, why are the shortcuts huge ugly squares? Lastly, the fact that the last row of shortcuts is only made up of two squares really annoys me.


    Lastly, and most importantly, these shortcuts are not shortcuts at all. All they do is send you to the corresponding page of the shortcut in the settings menu. For example, clicking on the wifi icon won't turn it on or off, it'll simply take you to the wifi settings page. That's 3 actions to turn off wifi: two finger swipe down --> tap on wifi --> turn on wifi. That's the same amount of clicks to turn wifi by going through the settings menu (two finger swipe down --> tap on settings --> turn on wifi).
  3. The lockscreen widgets are nice but feel rushed. I can't really explain well why I think it feels rushed but just from the way the widgets work and the aesthetics of it, you get that feeling that it wasn't 100% complete, especially when you've experienced great updates like 4.0 and 4.1.
  4. Lastly, launching the camera from the lock screen is slow again. When Matias Duarte's boast of how fast the Galaxy Nexus' camera is no longer valid. It takes a good 2-3s before my camera launches from the lock and another couple seconds for it to focus.
There are only two things I like about 4.2 is photosphere and the new clock app. Photosphere is amazing even with the crappy Galaxy Nexus camera and the new clock app is pretty to look at.
Have you receieved 4.2 on your Galaxy Nexus? If you have, is it still buttery smooth? Are you having problems with it?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the new swype style keyboard is great! If you have a Nexus 7 it'll even work with two different fingers!

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Yeah, bit disappointing they couldn't do the notification toggles as well as any number of mods. I am going to hold off till I hear the "all clear" on 4.2. Right now I'm really enjoying the 4.1. I figure I'll eventually move on to CM10.1 or AOKP once they have a 4.2 milestone release.
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On CM10.1 Nightlies and may take a rest once they hit M1 (soon) - never looking back. The "Vanilla Experience" is great, but Nexus also means great custom ROMS with little to no drawbacks/bugs. Phone FLIES (of course I'm slightly overclocking the CPU and GPU).
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4.1 was fast. 4.2 slowed down. i noticed that with my update to 4.2.1 on my nexus it got faster, but still not as quick as when i had it w/ 4.1 ootb.
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