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February 4th 2014 6:32 am

android 5.0

since google has not released any update after kitkat,we are briefing when we can expect the next update may be "key lime pie".well,to name the next update as 5.0,google has to do something like revolutionise its own OS to the next level.unless they are not able to do it,they can't name it as 5.0 .The main reason for it is if we rewind the history of android we can identify that google had brought a lot of change from cupcake to eclair to jellybean.whenever they beleived that they had done something which can attract people they have started with a new numerical.so unless google does something strange we cannot expect 5.0 alleast for six months,till then we could expect 4.5,4.6.... updates which brings a little enhancement to the kitkat

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Every major version of Android moves up a letter in the alphabet. Key Lime Pie (or K) ended up being KitKat

So the next version of andoind will probably be named starting with an "L"

Probably will be called Lollipop :)
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