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November 9th 2009 11:35 pm


Can anybody tell me if there is anyway i could replace windows 6.5 and put a version of android on it?

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There is actually a site dedicated to porting Android to HTC handsets that currently run Windows Mobile: www.androidonhtc.com/

It doesn't seem like it's super active right now, esp. since more and more HTC phones are coming with Android. And even when there is a port it's usually a bit unstable, and not really something I'd rely on for my primary device. You're better off waiting for HTC to come out with a similarly spec'd phone running Android. It'll happen eventually!
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This is DEFINITELY the spot to check:

Doesn't appear to be anything stable/fully functional yet, but give it time, she's a brand new platform.

The XDA Developer's forum is the best place I've found for HTC related ROM development.


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HD2 with Android came out. It's called HTC Evo 4G.
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In a dream world my friend.
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We should all write HTC and ask them for this phone with Android. It's almost a joke for this to come with Win Mobile 6.5.

What's really sad is that anyone who buys this probably won't even get a free upgrade to Windows Mobile 7.0 when it's released later this year.
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Well the HTC Passion is basically the same phone with Android, and i believe they already said this phone will get 7 when it comes out.
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I may be wrong but I thought I read somewhere that there would not be W Phone 7 upgrades for 6.5 phones. If that is correct I don't know why anyone would buy this phone now.
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You are correct they confirmed its not getting winmo 7 officially but I would still buy it, might still since Tmobile isn't to open about many high end phones as I thought they would be.
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thank you all so much.
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well you could get the htc supersonic/ EVO 4G
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This was posted a few days ago. www.howtogeek.com­/howto­/20703­/run­-android­-on­-your­-... I'm not sure if it's what you need or not.
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Here's an article on it: www.engadget.com­/2010­/07­/03­/htc­-hd2­-android­-and­-ub...
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Go here: gamesquare.co.uk­/desire.html
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