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July 2nd 2009 1:40 pm

(Android) Anyone got experience with A-Home, Sweeter Home

Looking into the HTC Magic and the Android OS, and I was watching stuff on the Home replacements A-Home and Sweeter Home. Wondering how customizable both are. I know A-Home has a full payed version, I was wondering whta that comes with, and as for Sweeter Home any improvements with the latest versions of that program?

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Open Home is the best on the market, i used that for awhile before i rooted my phone and themed it, Sweeter home is still very much in beta so there is a few issues but it has an interface very similar in my opinion to Hero Sense UI. My suggestion is to try each of them out before buying any.
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I use OpenHome (full) on an unrooted phone. I tried Dxtop, but didn't quite like it. OpenHome runs several AHome skins as well. Use OpenHome and BetterCut together for best results :)
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I use dxtop. I find it fast and has a lot of great features.
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I tried that on what are some good features it has, i only tried the demo and that was gimped.
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