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August 7th 2013 5:57 pm

Android finally gets a tool for finding your lost phone

It only took 4 years but Android finally has something comparable to Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac. Right now it can only do GPS location, remote wipe, and device ring but knowing Android I'm sure more will come. It's slowly rolling out but if you want to check if you can access it yet go here: www.android.com­/devicemanager

If you're paying for a mobile security suite like Lookout, are you planning to keep it or are you good with Google's free solution?


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I never used those programs because they either cost money or didn't work great on my device. I'm not one of those "doesn't pay for anything" Android users, but this always seemed like such a simple service that I couldn't see paying for it.

Fortunately Google finally stepped up and added this, and it works extremely well!
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I had been paying for Lookout but I might cancel it now. I may wait to see how much this tool evolves before I make the decision though.
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