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December 1st 2011 4:24 pm

Android or iOS ?

Is it worth switching to android from iOS ?!

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I agree this is really up to taste. Do you like iOS or Android more? What about apps? You can actually use both with an Android phone and an iPad for example. I did that for a while. I had an iPhone 3G and moved to android with the Nexus One. I returned to iOS with the iPad and then the iPhone 4S. I have no plans to return to android but that is mainly because I prefer iOS.

I would invest some serious play time with an android device before switching. And if you do switch make sure you get a device the vendor commits to updating. Even google stopped updating my nexus one before my contract was up.
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This is an incredibly subjective question and it totally comes down to personal taste. If there's something about, or a killer feature on iOS that you want, then it might be worth it. But in general, both OS's offer very similar features, but also a couple of very independent ones.

A mobile software transition is tough if you're very invested into your current phone/system. If you're not, then there's no reason not to try it out, but it's not necessarily "worth" switching if you enjoy where you are currently.
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But i like the way you can personalize in android
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Like others have said, it really does come down to personal preference. I've had three Android phones and I just got my third iPhone. There are things I like about both platforms, but I guess the biggest reason I switched back to iOS from Android is the fact that Android users depend on carriers to roll out updates. When Apple releases an update to iOS, it's available for users to install. When Google comes out with an Android update and unless you use a Nexus phone, you can expect to wait weeks or months to receive it. I grew tired of it. The Android platform seems too disjointed.
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No way stay with iOS.
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Reasons to (or not to) Consider Android
  1. If you spend more time playing with your phone settings than using your phone, then consider Android
  2. If you don't care if that next app that you load may be full of malware, then consider Android
  3. If you think Siri on the iPhone is a joke, then consider Android
  4. If you don't use iTunes to manage your music, videos, etc., then consider Android
  5. If you don't care that the version of Android on your phone may never get updated, then certainly consider Android.
  6. If you don't care that your apps have a generally consistent interface, then consider Android
  7. If you don't mind a steeper learning curve, then consider Android
  8. If you don't mind a different interface every time you get a different phone, then consider Android
  9. If you don't mind having to contact multiple companies/vendors (store where you bought your phone, phone manufacturer, Google, etc.) when you have issues, then consider Android
  10. If you want something that just works, easy to use, gets great support, gets updated as needed, then consider sticking with iOS.
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i like how you worded this. people like you dont get what apple and google get across to their users. apple only wants their users to be happy, and not complain about the software on the phone. apple makes the hardware to work with the software so theirs no bugs. now android is more hardware directed, you get a phone with a 1.8 ghz dual core CPU and 1 gig of ram. where apples hardware, is absolute rubbish. (800 mgz HT CPU, 512 MB ram)
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These are the things i took for granted when i hastily switched to an android. Now i'm waiting patiently very impatiently for March to roll around so i can get a 4S.
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It depends on the user. If you have already bought into the Apple Ecosystem, then I would recommend staying with iOS. If you are the type that likes to tinker, customize or modify the OS, or your devices to your specific needs, Android may be better suited to you. Both OSes have their Pro's and Con's. I have had both devices at the same time, and did prefer Android, but found myself going to the iPhone for apps, and games.

Although Android's library of apps is slowly growing, I personally feel iOS has a better selection of quality apps.

I was a HUGE Android fan for about 1.5 years, but now find myself owning three iOS devices. The slow growth of the Android Market really turned me off. I do find myself missing features of Android; iOS has a lack of control/customization that Android offers.

Android offers a lot more open features than iOS, and does not require you to be tethered to a computer at all. I was able to DL music over the air, send files, back up, etc all from the phone. With iOS 5, a lot of this has been address, but in the end, you still need to eventually hook back up to a computer for one thing or another, whether it be restore, sync (if not using icloud), etc.

If you want something that works out of the box, I'd recommend iOS. If you want full control of your device, Android may be better for you.
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It might be because i'm using an Aria, the tiny graphing calculator of a smartphone, but i can't bring myself to consistently like android. It has a lot of cool features, i can't complain about (most of) the hardware, and it's much more open than the iOS platform. However, i've found that iOS helped me do more because it is more reliable and consistent. I can't tell you how many times i've cursed the android's keyboard and autocorrect system, and how many times i've accidentally done one thing when i meant to do another, but i just don't have these problems with iOS.
In the end, it depends on your opinion, and what you want in a smartphone. If you want a more consistent, reliable phone, an iPhone is the way to go. but if you want a phone you can show off and have loads of cool features, then i'd suggest you get an android.
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I think you'd find that if you upgraded to a newer version of Android, most of your consistancy problems would go away. I recently upgraded from the Droid 2 to the Galaxy Nexus and even the differences in gingerbread and ICS are amazing!
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ICS 4.0 really solved the UI and "prettyness" complaints Android had. Now, we get to enjoy a fantastic UI and the power of Android.

My recommendation is to get the Galaxy Nexus and in general stay with the Nexus line so ou yalways get updates and the latest features. If you have to leave the Nexus farm, they the Galaxy S2 series is the only thing that's somewhat decent.

iOS is good, but honestly, the iPhone screen is wayyyy too small and is too fragile. Plus, although its pretty I find that iOS really just gets in your way. Android is structured in a way in which the OS adheres to the way you want to do things instead of forcing a set structure. For example things like sharing, moving media, and customization are just so much easier on Android.
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Yes! iOS and Windows Phone are much better OS'es.
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Ios has definitely been in the lime light and will continue to be. Android has alot of potential to develop the honeycomb os, but i don't expect to see anything revolutionary happening just yet.

If you have both apple and android devices, why not keep both?
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honeycomb isn't being developed for phones anymore. ice cream sandwich is coming out for phones soon. the version is 4.0 if you didn't know. ICS is just now beta, and i used it. its good for what it is. the design is really clean.
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IOS good, if your like 60 years old. my grandma had the droid charge, and she hated it, then she bought an iphone, and she loves how easy it is to use! especially with e limited user customization options!
IDK. i like android, because you can do more with it.
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