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May 7th 2012 4:49 am

Android Store Vs App Store


How long do you guys think until all the good games and apps from the App store will come to the Android Market?

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This seems like a biased targeted post, but I will humour you with a response:
What apps are you looking for? You do realize that a lot of the popular apps are available for both right. Let me take a gander into the top 10 apps on the App Store

1. Angry Birds Space (Also on Android)
2. Draw Something by OMGPOP (Also on Android)
3. WhatsApp Messenger (Also on Android)
4. Pandemic 2.5
5. Infinity Blade
6. Ski Safari
7. Angry Birds (Also on Android)
8. Fruit Ninja (Also on Android)
9. TETRIS (Also on Android)
10. Minecraft - Pocket Edition (Also on Android)

So I don't know what you define as a "good game or app" but there are great games and apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. A lot of them are shared between the two.

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The counterpoint is interesting too. Android's current top 5 each free & paid apps:
  1. Draw Something (also on iOS)
  2. Angry Birds Space (also on iOS)
  3. Beautiful Widgets
  4. Cut the Rope (also on iOS)
  5. SwiftKey X Keyboard
Free (excluding Google's own apps):
  1. Facebook (also on iOS)
  2. Adobe Flash Player 11
  3. Instagram (also on iOS)
  4. Pandora (also on iOS)
  5. Angry Birds Space (also on iOS)

So not only are there top-5 apps that are exclusive to Android, but they each point to areas where iOS doesn't allow something that Android does, and which there's clearly demand for among Android users who pay for apps.
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Well played. I like the viewpoint. I was going to examine the alternative, but didn't put the effort into it this morning.
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(I should probably state for the record that although I own devices on both platforms, I vastly prefer iOS and the App Store. I just try to keep some perspective about it :-)
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I as well own an iOS device, a few Android devices, and a couple BlackBerry devices. I have been tempted to pick up a Lumia 710 to try out the WP7 platform
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When there are two competing ecosystems, there will be exclusive applications. Many developers will choose to devote their resources to one or the other in the hopes of competitive advantage, and at present you can make competitive arguments for both, depending on the type of app. (The Android marketplace seems to have fewer paying customers for apps, but a developer could target an under-served area of the market and hope to be the big fish in a small pond, where they might not be able to get any attention in a crowded field on iOS.)

In addition, smaller developers may well develop only for the platform they know, or that they are emotionally attached to, or for which they personally own enough devices to thoroughly test their creations.

An interesting question might be whether there are Android-exclusive applications that serve to make Android appealing to the same degree that such applications exist on iOS. Another would be whether apps that exist on both platforms offer equally rich user experiences, or whether a majority of dual-platform apps are better on one platform or the other.
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In no order whatsoever. 1. Marvel app
2. Rdio
3. Instagram
4. Swackett
5. Flashlight
6. Soundhound
7. Wallstand
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Personally, with an itch for a new phone every 6 months, I cover both bases by switching between iPhones and Android phones, while making sure to keep an iPad. When I switch from iPhone to Android, I miss my apps, integration, and basic stuff that just...works. When I switch from Android to iPhone, I miss Android customization and the bells and whistles of the device. Had a Galaxy Note for about a week until I realized that AT&T coverage was non-existent where I work. The Note blows the iPhone away...camera, screen size, Android customization, etc. I'm hoping the Galaxy S3 does the same...until iPhone 5 comes out. Lol.
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