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November 27th 2013 2:03 pm

Anti-Cursing rules on XB1?

You guys may have heard about Microsoft planning to discipline gamers for swearing in multiplayer games. Personally this doesn't affect me too much, but I know of several you tubers whose content could be affected by these rules. Does this change your opinions on PS4 / XB1? (Source)

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My plans for getting an XBOX One have taken a backseat for some time now. So no, it changes nothing.

As for the issue itself, if it's an M rated game, you should be able to say whatever the f*ck you want.
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My thoughts exactly: If you're offended by language, don't play.
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Since the beginning of online console play, I believe the ESRB has always put a disclaimer that they do not rate online interactions.

I do like the idea that Microsoft is trying to group players based on reputation, but censorship may be a bit too far
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I was playing NBA 2K14 and having a conversation with my friend. It heard me speaking and somehow misinterpreted normal, non-defamatory speech as inappropriate language and gave me a TECHNICAL FOUL. That was not okay. I don't think it was MS implementing those rules, but the fact that a basketball game doesn't account for the occasional foul language is ridiculous.
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I don't see anything that appealing in the XB1. I will wait until Mass Effect 4 to consider the purchase... hopefully all the problems will be worked out by then.
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