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March 23rd 2010 10:58 pm

Any Interest in the HD2 vs the SS/EVO?

The only compelling reason to buy an HD2 was the hardware specs but the Supersonic/EVO has the same specs plus a lot more.

with added HDMI, Front facing camera, 8 megapixel camera, hotspot, larger battery, etc.

Is there any reason left to buy an HD2?

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Evo is on Sprint and runs Android. HD2 is on T-Mobile and runs winmo. If you know about xda then it just boils down to carrier because to many people front facing camera doesn't mean much, diference between 5 and 8 megapixels isn't that noticeable, and the HDMI output is mini HDMI so not as good
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uh, wat?

how is the type-c hdmi connector "not as good"? it's pin for pin compatible with the full size hdmi connector and is built upon the current hdmi 1.3 spec. therefore, it is in no way "inferior" spec-wise to full-size hdmi 1.3 type-a connections... it's just smaller. if anything limits it, it's that the device can only push 720p video, but that's not because of the connection; that's due to the software and the snapdragon soc's limitations.

as for the features you've listed, they may not have much impact now, but i see the evo 4g's truly unlimited, uncapped wimax access will definitely be a driving force for those living in wimax equipped areas. $10/mo more for around double the speed of ev-do 3G on average with no 5GB cap and finally allows a cdma device to do simultaneous voice and data? that's not only a bargain, but it's also how the front facing camera and video chat support will become the next big thing for smartphones in the coming year... especially once Android brings GTalk with video support.
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One way the HD2 is better is with the hotspot feature. Sprint charges an extra monthly fee to use the feature(dont know how much off the top of my head). I've been using this for free on my HD2 and all of my past winmo phone starting with the tilt.
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Nah, maybe HD3 (WP7 compatible HD2), but depends on how WP7 finally turns out.
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