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Any other Palm Pre Plus owners extremely disappointed to be stuck with webOS 1.4 while webOS 2.0 and 3.0 make there way to market in various new devices.

I wonder what kind of "something special" they will offer to us poor folks stuck in the past while all these new versions and devices release.

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well can't you upgrade to 3.0 from 1.4 or 2?
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Older webOS device will not get the 2.0 or 3.0 update so the Pre2 and up will get it.
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My guess is app catalog vouchers or a smaller voucher for new hardware.

I'm already thinking about how to implant inductive charging into my Nexus S as that's the feature I miss most from my Pre+
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My subscription renews in March. By then, either HP releases webOS 2 for the Pre Plus and have me wait until Pre 3 is released, or I simply switch to something else. There are too many great options and I've been holding on the pebble for too long.
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True, plus we don't know how many app developers are siding with HP. Are we getting Tango? Are there any game deals (Android now has the power of the Playstation brand, WP7 has Xbox, and Apple has been getting the Indies)? The Touchpad is cool and all, but will there be desktop integration as well, e.g. desktop notifications? Any news of Netflix streaming?

WebOS has a vastly superior UI - ask any tech journalist. The only thing HP is lacking is numbers. And frankly unless they're planning some drastic developer appeal we won't see webos taking off. Hell, even a $200 voucher for developers on hardware if they promise to put out an app in 2 months.

Right now their primary goal needs to be getting these new devices out - even if that means early developer access. I know the Pre2 is out now, but naming the Pre3 adds confusion that the Pre2 is outdated.

And a secondary goal should be offer somesort of simple iOS & Android porting to Webos simple tutorials. If companies can spend only 5 hours or less taking their iOS and Android apps and making them run on WebOS then we will have the vitals out soon.
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