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Any viable Google Voice competitors that you use?

It sounds like Google with be shuttering Google Voice (and integrating many of its features into Hangouts) in the next few months: 9to5google.com­/2014­/03­/18­/google­-plans­-kill­-google...

I was just thinking this yesterday as I used the (rather horrible) Google Voice app on iOS 7 -- it seems like something that hasn't gotten much recent attention or love from Google. It's something that I've found very handy though, even as an iOS user. It's literally the number I put down whenever I fill out forms requiring a contact phone number -- and it's become an awesome way to screen and filter calls.

So, I'll be a bit sad to see this sort of thing go. Are there any other services around where you can pay for a number and have it forward to your phone (yet you can manage filters and messages through an online interface)?

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Dave: I think I'd hold off until we actually know something. That article is pretty filled with rumor and assumptions.

First, the author assumes that the Hangouts integration will behave just like it does on the desktop, where calls to your phone would be sent over VOIP instead of cellular voice. I'm not sure what evidence there is of that. Before Hangouts was even ever a thing, Google Voice worked on the desktop to make and receive phone calls, it just did this through Google Talk. At that point, if you made/received a call on your computer, it was VOIP, and if it was on your phone, it used your voice plan. I'm not sure why it would be any different, even though I'd really like it.

There's just so much we don't know yet, and a lot that Google needs to do. First off, they need to figure out how they're going to handle voicemail. I don't see any mechanisms for that in Hangouts yet, but I'm hopeful they'll add it. I wouldn't mind integrating everything into Hangouts, it just has to be done well, and currently it's anything but. For example, I can't get SMS to my Google Voice number in Hangouts. It's really annoying. I'm hopeful that they'll fix this.

In the end, I've definitely expected this for a long time. The Google Voice app hasn't been updated since September of 2013, and that was probably for minor issues. The app hasn't seen a major overhaul in years, and has tons of bugs (navigational ones, mostly, but also one where I have to press the play button on a voicemail several times before it'll finally advance past 1 second). I'm hopeful that Google Voice will live on in the form of Hangouts.
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I agree completely here. The article makes it seem like Voice, as a product, is going away. I believe the intention is to unify it more on the OS level with Android. It will still work the same everywhere else.
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That's what I'm thinking. We all knew that the Google Voice app hadn't been updated in eons, and that it would probably be integrated with Hangouts at some point. What's less clear is actually what will happen on the desktop, which is where I use GV half the time. The GV website is one of two places where you can get your voicemails, and I'm wondering what the future of that site is and how IT will be integrated with Hangouts. If anything, the GV site is even more depricated than the current GV app because there's parts of it that straight up don't work! There's an area where you can call numbers, but it only uses Google Talk, which doesn't exist anymore. Otherwise you have to make it connect to your phone.
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The Google Voice website is very Gmail circa 2005.

In the end as long as the number continues to work and forward as it does I'll be content. The biggest hurdle so far was dealing with it losing XMPP support via GTalk and I have that solved.
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Yeah, I was really disappointed they abandoned XMPP. The Obi devices you mentioned were great for people who wanted to abandon their landline phones. Ooma is pretty good but their hardware is much more expensive and some of it is utter crap (their handsets are junk, at least the previous revision were).
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Not quite true. Voice+ (@koush) allows you to send/receive GV-SMS using Hangouts. It's really pretty slick.

...but I do agree that we should wait and see before making any sudden moves.
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For what it's worth, here are instructions on porting your number away from Google Voice: https:­/­/support.google.com­/voice­/answer­/1316844­?hl...
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Come on Google!!
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I use Line 2 for this. It is as good if not better. It will give your phone a fully functioning second line that works for its own calls, visual voicemail, sms, mms, ect and can be managed via a web page as well. It will manage its own calls or you can have it just forward if that is what you like. It will make and receive calls and texts over any kind of data connection as well. Depending on the level you get it can also include a softphone, multiple lines, and extension support.
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I took this to mean that Voice will no longer be a stand-a-lone service, but rather one that is integrated into Hangouts. If this means larger issues with the number I will have to find ways to port it out to another service as I don't want to rely on Hangouts to handle phone calls.

We were using Obihai to act as a SIP for Google Voice, but when they announced they were stopping support*** I switched to Ooma.

***Support is stopping because XMPP is being phased out of Google Talk, so who knows when chat clients will stop working with it.
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I wrote up a fairly lengthy piece on my adventures replacing Google Voice and posted it on my site. I just cross-posted it here so we could discuss it:


The options are not so great if you don't want to break the bank.
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eVoice, Grasshopper, and Line2 are all good solutions.
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You can still use your Obi device with a FreeDID from IPComms and continue receiving free inbound calls.
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