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March 7th 2014 12:57 pm

Anyone else playing Banished on the PC?

Banished is a new city building game by indie developer Shining Rock Software, an outfit consisting of a single man who created the game, artwork, and sounds. You start off with a small group of people who have been exiled from their homeland and need to set up a new society in a remote, faraway land. It's up to you to build farms, housing, cut down trees, and mine ores. The mechanics are fairly similar to most other real time strategy games (think of something like Age of Empires or Empire Earth).

The main thing is that people are your resource. They live, have children, grow old, and die. They die a lot. In fact, sometimes it seems like the only thing your new devout followers are good at doing is dying. It's especially frustrating when you only have 12 people and 5 of them die of starvation during the long winter. This game is kind of hard.

At the same time, it's pretty fun. You're really thinking how to design your new city and place important structures that will provide both short and long term benefits. How can I get my city through that first winter? How about the second? Ah crap, now my crops are dying!

That said, the end game (the game doesn't really end) gets a bit dry. Once you have a city up and running, there's not much else to go on. I've seen a few reviewers say as much: "The best part of this game is starting over and trying to survive."

Anyway, the game is $20 on Steam. Check it out!

And if you've been playing it, do you have any good stories to share?

More info: www.shiningrocksoftware.com­/game/

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Yep! I bought it Day One and absolutely love it. Except for a few things, mainly end game and if you shut off disasters there isn't much stopping you other than famine or disease.

He's patched it at least once, but I'm hoping he continues to support it!

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