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April 12th 2012 5:20 pm

Anyone else think that the GlowLight on this looks incredibly bright?

The in-use shot that Engadget posted today looks way too bright to use at night.


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The post says you can adjust the brightness.

You can adjust the brightness by clicking the button again and sliding the dial on a Quick Settings screen. Half brightness should be enough to keep you reading in a dark room. You can also turn the light off here or just hold down the "n" button again.
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I have one of these and if you are reading on it in complete darkness then the glowlight is very bright, but you do have full control over the brightness.
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They probably had to have it on full brightness to illustrate the light for the photos. Makes me wish I were in the market for an upgrade, because I'd love to have a light on my Nook.
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I messed around with one yesterday at the local D&N. It is fully tweakable for brightness settings. The issue I have is this new Nook has an anti-glare layer which is cool for sunlight, but I have read this version has lower contrast on the eInk. I guess there is always Pros/Cons for updated products.
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