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March 6th 2011 12:31 pm

Anyone have these hooked up to both an Xbox 360 and a PS3? If so, what solution did you use?

I've got an HDMI-equipped Onkyo receiver that I run both consoles into now – trying to determine an elegant way to add wireless headphones to that mix.

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well as far as elegant, forget it. lol. i have it hooked up to both...but you'll need to do some tweaking to get the toslink cables to run from each console to your turtle beach. depending on how you run your 360, you may need an adapter to get the toslink plug available if you use hdmi. the ps3 fits fine but you'll need to edit your sound settings when you want to go between using headphones and regular surround sound or tv or whatever you use.

then you'll need some way to combine the toslink and bring it to the one input on the back of the turtle beach receiver. could be a switcher or possibly a splitter.

only other issue is if you use voice chat on ps3. you'll need to then buy the "earforce pbt" which runs around 40/50 bucks which will provide a bluetooth headset with the plug on it to allow you to put that into the voice port on the headphones. the plug that goes into the bluetooth is the same plug that would go into your controller on the xbox 360.

if you have any more questions just ask :)
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