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January 25th 2013 5:28 pm

Anyone know how well the screen holds up on the surface?

I'm thinking about getting a screen protector for it and some other gadgets of mine.
Any recommendations?

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The glass seems comparable to the ipad. I don't have the pro yet, but if it's the same as the standard version, then I know XO Skins does a screen and carbon fiber xoskins.com­/laptops­-tablet­-reader­-protectors­/micro... the biggest difference you will notice is less finger prints. I like my surface, but when using it like a laptop, I have to have it on a table, it just feels too flimsy to rest on my lap
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Thanks, tismee for the imput. I'm really interested in the carbon fiber for the surface!
does it come in multiple colors from xoskins? I agree 100% on the lap riding it SUCKS!
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you will likely want something to reduce glare. I added the Tech Armor screen protector.
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