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October 26th 2013 4:51 am

Apple crush? Good bye, gdgt.

good day, gone trend.
You've gradually lost your perceptual acuity, and I no longer believe this site's a reputable source. Oh well. Had fun. Have fun raving about Apple products, I'll try 'oranges' and 'bananas'.

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This site has gotten worse, but not necessarily for putting a focus on Apple products. Many people have a love/hate relationship with Apple, and you seem biased towards the hate direction. Instead of being a jerk and sounding like an idiot while talking bad about Apple you could point out the articles written that no one can post comments on or how it takes forever to see new products being added or scored.

But, instead you chose to be a jerk, thanks.
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I think nitehawk has a few decent points. Trying to claim that a website is biased simply because they have positive reviews of Apple products when you clearly have a lot of outright hatred toward them weakens your case. At the end of the day, reviewers of nearly every tech website have pretty similar opinions of Apple products (you can easily see this in all the review scores we've aggregated). To deny that Apple products are popular and well reviewed is borderline naive.

That said, I do take issue with the following things nitehawk mentioned and I'd like to clarify some things:

Instead of being a jerk and sounding like an idiot while talking bad about Apple you could point out the articles written that no one can post comments on or how it takes forever to see new products being added or scored.

The "articles with no comments" that you're referring to were part of gdgt central, which was an interesting publishing experiment that we tried. However, we've decided to retire gdgt central (the articles will still remain, but there will be no new posts on that part of the site). We completely agree that comments and discussions are an important part of the site and that won't be changing. So, the rest of gdgt functions as it always did, anyone can post their stories, discussions, questions, and comments about their favorite products and everyone else is free to reply.

As far as new gadgets being added and scored, I think Kris mostly addressed these concerns. We have an entire product research team that diligently works to add new products as we find out about them!

In addition to the latest scores, you can see the latest gadgets being added to our database here: gdgt.com­/latest

The latest scores are here: gdgt.com­/latest

I hope this clarifies things!
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Great news for ditching the articles without comments!
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In addition, I find slight irony in the fact the username starts with a lowercase "i", like many Apple Products :)
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What delay are you talking about in adding or scoring new products? We add new products as soon as the press release or announcement goes out, usually when the post goes up on Engadget. As for scoring, we score products as soon as we reach a particular threshold of critic reviews. If there is a delay on the latter, it's because we are waiting for the critics to get their reviews in so we can incorporate them. But popular products are usually scored fairly quickly, like last week, when we scored the new Surface tablets and the Play:1 in their first week of release.

Scored products are not always featured on Twitter or in the newsletter right away, but all the latest scores can be seen here:

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This site does a poor job of featuring new products. Gizmodo, Engadget and CNET do a much better job, understandably so because they are much bigger companies. If I hear of a new product, I don't come to this site until months and months after it's release, mostly because the information here seems to be on a long delay. I understand that may be confusing, but this site should be better with having engadget as a partner.

The scoring does not reflect price drops (which goes into the initial score) and are static. The scores should not be static and the same products in highly competitive categories like cameras, should reflect the current market and user reviews.

I own the NEX-5R, but it's not even being made any more, so the price has gone up from what I can see. The 5T is not scored on the site and with other cameras coming down in price, like the Canon SL1, the current scoring should take that into account.

You can't score these products like movies or video games. If you are going to reflect the cost of ownership in the score it needs to be able to change with the average price. You already have the 90 day price history included, find a way to set the score dependent on that so it changes dynamically. Or you could take the cost out of the score (like other sites) and have that be it.
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Gizmodo, Engadget, and CNET are news sites that do reviews. We're a database of products that aggregates reviews and formulates a score based on those reviews so that people can make better buying decisions. We add new products to our database when they're announced, and we score them when we have enough data.

What do you think we could do better in featuring new products? We have our gdgt.com­/latest page, we list new products in the newsletter, and we occasionally feature noteworthy new products on the front page as well.

How long of a delay are you talking about? As I said in my previous response, most products are added to our database as soon as they're announced. Is there a particular product category where you think we're lagging in? And as I also said, products are not scored until the reviews come out, and once reviews are available we usually score within a few days, or on the date of the product's release (if reviews are released early).

As for taking into account the price: each gdgt Score is intended as a snapshot of the product at time of release. This is because the critic reviews we draw a lot of our data from are a snapshot of the product at time of release, many of those do take price into account, and most reviewers (except CNET) do not go back and reassess products after their initial review. Re-reviewing every product every time there is a major price drop is a monumental task, and we'd rather focus our efforts on gathering data on new products that we haven't scored yet. And, unless there is a major price drop almost immediately after release, taking the price into account is fair because again, the score is reflection of the product at release. It's generally understood that older products go down in price, especially when newer models are released. If a product has a score that reflects its price, and the price goes down a year later, what the score is ends up reflecting is the product's age, which should also be a major consideration when making a purchase.
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You guys never added Windows 8.1 to the product database when it was released on October 17/18. I even submitted Windows 8.1 to the product database, but you guys rejected it. Windows 8.1 isn't the same as Windows 8, so why didn't you guys accept my submission?
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It's listed as a version of Windows 8 on the Windows 8 page. You can see it right here: gdgt.com­/microsoft­/windows­/8­/specs­/­#8­-1
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Dude, gdgt isn't all about Apple products you know. They are about mostly any product. I think you seem to hate Apple and their products for some reason. Just because gdgt does positive reviews about Apple products, doesn't mean that gdgt is all about them.
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I don't come here for their reviews, I come for the user reviews.
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