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September 4th 2012 12:27 pm

Apple has scheduled an event next week, Sept. 12th. What are your predictions and thoughts?

Apple has officially announced a press event for September 12th. There have been a lot of rumors swirling over the last month about new connectors, designs and parts for upcoming Apple devices. It looks like we'll get some answers next week!

Here is a list of some of the rumors that could be resolved:
  • iPhone 5 (the name)
  • 4-inch screen on the next iPhone
  • New two-tone body design
  • LTE
  • New earbuds
  • NFC
  • iPad Mini
  • New dock connectors
What are your thoughts and predictions for the event?

ps - take a peek at the shadow in the graphic above!

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Wow. Totally missed the shadows.

The only safe prediction I am making is thousands of preorders/sales on the 12th.
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My thoughts are that it could be 5 new devices; iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch, and a new iPhone. Which will be called "The New iPhone". In any case, I'm ordering the new iPhone, whatever it's called. :)
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just waiting for the new iphone. obviously it's named iphone 5.
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4 inch screen, thinner, more memory, A6 chip, better front and back camera, improved LED flash, and I just hope the back is not two toned.
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Apple is no stranger to two toned.

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I was thinking more like this:
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I agree with most the rumors mentioned by the OP expect for a couple differences:

1. It'll be the new iPhone, not the iPhone 5, just like the iPad 3 was just called the new iPhone. I guess they realized it's not gonna sound so cool when they reach something like the iPhone 18! :-/

2. I'm hoping for no iPad Mini as it'll add more work to iOS development, which was aimed at simplicity with resolutions. But I'm 50/50 with my expectation of this announcement.
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I REALLY hope to see some refreshed computers along with any iPhones or iPods they are updating, too. I just hope they won't announce the iPad mini, because that is a waste of resources.
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Im guessing that its 5 announcements: new iPhone, Shuffle, Nano, Touch, and iOS 6 or maybe a new iPod classic?
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WOW! 4" Display is the standard of Budget Phones according to current standards.
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I guess it is I PAD MINI !
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yeeeeeeeeeea, I am still not convinced about iphone 5 name. It doesnt make any sense. apple just dont name products like microsoft. i agree with @DaveBinM
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Well looks like it will be called iPhone 5. Almost Every tech site just caught a leak when you search on apples site of a press release for iPhone 5, new nano, new touch, and a new itunes. I also read that it makes sense to call it iPhone 5 when they still have other iPhones out in the market. It will get confusing when, down the line you have 3 iPhones all called "new" iPhone.
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So with minutes before the presentation, I find myself looking forward more to a new possible iPod touch. A recent incident left me with this. That being said, if the price difference between iPod Touch and iPhone surprises me... well I may give up the BlackBerry

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