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July 20th 2011 10:47 am

Apple just announced a bunch of new hardware. Are you going to add them to your want/have lists?

On top of Lion, looks like Apple decided to unleash the refreshed MacBook Airs (as expected), but we also have a new Mac minis (sans optical drive) and a new monitor called the "Thunderbolt Display".

Are you going to be adding these to your lists?

Here are all the new products:
- Apple MacBook Air 11-inch: gdgt.com­/apple­/macbook­/air­/11­-inch­-mid­-2011/
- Apple MacBook Air 13-inch: gdgt.com­/apple­/macbook­/air­/13­-inch­-mid­-2011/
- Apple Mac mini: gdgt.com­/apple­/mac­/mini­/mid­-2011/
- Apple Mac mini (Server): gdgt.com­/apple­/mac­/mini­/with­-lion­-server­-mid­-2011/
- Thunderbolt Display 27 inch: gdgt.com­/apple­/thunderbolt­-display­/27­-inch/

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Definitely. I really like the 11" air, and I've been wanting to get a mac mini for some time to use as a media hub. Time to start saving!
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I'm probably gonna try to sell my existing 13" Air to buy the new one... I really miss the backlit keyboard.
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I've ordered a Mac mini 2,7-Ghz Core i7 with 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB storage. I'm planning on bumping up the RAM, as soon as somebody finds out that the max RAM is for the new Mac mini. Previously it was 8 GB, but I'm hoping the new model will be bumped up to 16 GB. I'm also planning a SSD drive, but i'll wait a bit on that one.

This will be my first Mac, and I'm pretty excited.
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It ain't cheap.
16 GB RAM for 2011 Mac-mini - $1,249.99
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