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May 24th 2012 3:09 pm

Apple's next product?

Asked by The Daily Telegraph which one Apple product he would like to be remembered by, Apple head of design Sir Jony Ive replied :

“It’s a really tough one. A lot does seem to come back to the fact that what we’re working on now feels like the most important and the best work we’ve done, and so it would be what we’re working on right now, which of course I can’t tell you about.”

What could Sir Jony and Apple be possibly working on? Share your ideas with the gdgt community here!

You can find the full interview at www.telegraph.co.uk­/technology­/apple­/9283486­/Jonat...

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Kind of cryptic. He may be saying that whatever the're working on at any given moment is always their most important work, no matter what it is. Though that would mean that, at some point, they considered the puck mouse and Pippin important products! I can't help but think he's deliberately teasing the reporter, though I suspect that he's also thinking about a specific product. My money's on the next iPhone.
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Probably referring to the upcoming iPhone. Seeing that Jobs was also apparently deeply involved in the process its probably going to be an absolute stunner.
He could be referring the Apple TV. Maybe this is the 1 project where he's had absolute say in the hardware design of it. Jobs has been around for everything they've released thus far so this could be Ive's baby.
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The iDontknowyet
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I think it's likely little more than the new iPhone, and if this interview were given next year his response would be quite similar. That's not to say I don't respect Ive and his work, only that he probably feels every new project he undertakes is going to be his best work. Which is a reasonable assumption based on what Ive and Apple as a whole have learned from each major project they've completed.

I suppose the possibility exists that it's a whole new product category he is talking about. In which case it could be an Apple television, though I'm not putting too much stake in that happening any time soon. If they did redefine that category it would be very welcome though.
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My money is on the iPug.

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I don't think it's the next iPhone, wouldn't that design (iPhone5) already be set this close to production?
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Could be the "iCar" in partnership with Volkswagen that Steve Jobs aspired to build.
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i would guess something other than the iPhone or mini iPad or iTV. i would like to think its something new and different and something we haven't seen or thought about yet.
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Maybe it's the iRack and the IRan!
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I'm pretty sure he says that every year ha :)
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iPhone 5

iPhone is their highest revenue generating product and clearly their most revolutionary. I love my new iPad, but there will never be enough money in the world for the same amount of people who can afford an iPhone to buy an iPad.

I don't think it's the TV because they won't get it right on the first try anyway. It could be the new MBP, but I am doubtful since the MBA has gotten so much love. Actually it could be the new MBA since that's due for an update.

I'm still sticking with the new iPhone though.
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Hmm, I think it's a TV-related product plus a home integration hub (iHub). The platform ecosystem - iPhone + iPad + Apple TV (regardless of form factor) + Siri + Home integration hub creates a ripe environment for a fully integrated and interactive experience when you walk through the door of your home.
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Of course, every new product would be an improvement over the previous generation and no one would say their upcoming products would not be the best yet. All their future products, no doubt, would be Apple's most important and best work yet.
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