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October 22nd 2013 11:05 am

Apple's "We still have a lot to cover" event

Our pals over at Engadget have already made some of their own predictions (www.engadget.com­/2013­/10­/21­/apple­-october­-22nd­-eve...) for today's Apple Event, but we'd love to hear what you're thinking (or wanting) to be announced. Some of the stuff that has been hinted at and rumored leading up to today includes:
  • new iPad
  • new iPad mini
  • Availability dates for OS X Mavericks and the unique-looking Mac Pro
  • Perhaps some new Macbook Pro or Mac mini refreshes?
Given the recent amount of rumors, and "industry predictions," there is always the possibility of Apple showing off a new Apple TV or maybe even that long rumored smartwatch.

I personally would like to see an updated Apple TV that delivers something more than what the current models offer. A newer UI, more service support (like Vudu) and actual tie-in to the iOS App Store.

Apple is kind enough this time to livestream the entire event (www.engadget.com­/2013­/10­/22­/apple­-event­-livestream...), but only if you're using Safari or an Apple TV. If you can't get to the video, Engadget will be live blogging the event at www.engadget.com­/2013­/10­/22­/apple­-liveblog/.

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Ho hum. But... I believe this is because we've been spoiled by the Steve-era of product announcements. Nothing new that wasn't on the net prior to the event. No iWatch, no AppleTV, no TV, no levitating iPod, etc. Not to critic the products themselves, which are still drool-worthy.
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I think it's more than just it being the Steve era, I think it's mainly because we see so many events every year on top of the big ones (CES, E3, IFA, MWC). Maybe we're all just getting burn out?
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I am quite happy that Mavericks is free, and fixes 2 things that I have considered "broken" which was multi-monitor support and a tabbed finder. I'll be upgrading tonight.

This is probably me being bored of reading the same things over and over again, but I can't get excited anymore when Apple tells me something is thinner and lighter. Putting a high resolution display in a 7 inch tablet is more exciting to me

I like the update to the MacBook Pro. My 2010 model is still chugging strong so I am not in need of a replacement, but that is a likely candidate if things were to stop working.

I would have liked iWork for free as well, but I guess that isn't in the cards for me

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New iPad is one pound, and yet tons of people will still buy bulky cases for it.
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*Only if you are using Safari for Mac.

My Windows Safari seems to get rejected. Guess I'll miss another livestream while at work. Yay for liveblogs
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