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April 10th 2014 11:19 am

Apple vs. Samsung

I was kind of disappointed when I first seen this phone because the only new things on it are really the TouchID and a faster chip and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a ton of other cool features that Apple should of been already had with their phone. There is nothing wrong with the vast majority of apps in the App Store but Apple needs to stop depending on that and work better on their hardware. Hopefully they will do better with the next version of their iPhone and they should start first with a LARGER SCREEN.

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While it's all rumours so far, it does sound like a bigger iPhone is in the cards. The question is how big, and what else it offers. The iPhone 5s was a modest upgrade partly because Apple was in between major designs anyway. Like the GS5, it's more of an update for people who last bought a phone two years earlier.
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