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Are Apple products that good?

I've noticed that most of the Apple products are at the top of the whatever category they are in. Are they really that good or are they there because of brand loyalty?

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I have found that Apple products excel in many areas. For me, one of the best things they do is their glass trackpads on the laptops. The feel of them is much nicer than the trackpad on my Lenovo W530 (textured) or the Asus, HP, and Dell laptops I have used
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The brand loyalty exists because of the quality. Not the other way around. With the exception of the my Airport Express, every Apple device I've used or bought has performed as advertised, without issue and performed at said level for longer than competing product. I love comparing specs, but the quality of Apple products almost always outperforms similar priced products with better specs.

The saying, "it just works" is true. Apple usually isn't the first one to make a device in a field, (iPod, iPhone, iPad) but they tend to make the first one worth buying or the object of desire once it's announced. I had a Samsung Blackjack with the iPhone was announced. My Blackjack worked fine, but finding games and apps was a chore. The phone would constantly crash during surfing sessions, whereas my friend's iPhone was reliable.

Their marketing is the best, which sounds like a bad reason to buy their products, but it makes it easier to re-sell those devices when you want to upgrade so they hold their value longer. Also, buying accessories is easier with Apple products than competitors.

The dongles and software purchasing can get annoying, but a minimalist design is appreciated over a clusterfuck of garbage throw into a product.
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I think for the most part they are that good. You will get people who complain that iOS is not as open as Android and Apple doesn’t really innovate but when apple releases a product for the most part it has been solid in the past.

I think over the last couple years they have been faltering a little bit, and the new maps app is an example but then you look at the phone itself and its arguably one the most gorgeous phones out there.

On the PC side I think the Retina MacBook Pro is one of the nicest machines out there and that can also be said the iMac.

I would say that the combination of build quality & good software are what set them apart. It is very rare to pick up an apple product and think it’s cheap.

Something else about the Apple products is that they hold their value better than most others out there.
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